Tire Swing Studio

In March of 2019 I bought a house that came with a 30 x 20 outbuilding.  Originally built as a machine shop it, it had unfortunately gone to waste as a storage shed for a long time. 

I'm now on a mission to convert it to a wood shop (done) and a recording studio.

That studio is Tire Swing Studio and for the most part I'm building it with my own two hands*.

This is the page where I document that journey

Control Room Build Out

Current Status:

  • You're never "done" with any part of a studio, but I'm moving on from the control room to the tracking room.
  • All 12 of the tracking room panels have been framed.
  • Damn it! Orange store is OUT OF ROCKWOOL! Blue store doesn't carry it at all. So I'm taking a break from acoustic panels for now.
  • Cleaning the floor sucks, as I should really just replace the floor, but there's no money for that right this second. So I scrub, scrub away.