706Gaming RetroCade

Welcome to the project page for the retroarcade cabinet I'm building at our secret G706 HQ.

Retro NOT Nostalgia

I am not a big fan of the pop-culture nostalgia craze that's rampant right now. So this is not going to be some faithful replication of the arcade cabinets I played in the 80s. I'm quite thankful I got to play those machines in the 80s but frankly I'm just as thankful those days are far, far in the rearview. 

God I loved those old cabinet games and I loved playing them standing up with an arcade style stick in my hand. It's that PLAY experience I want to recreate, not the past. The past is dead. Let it stay dead.

Plus it's a much more interesting design challenge this way. Tell me, what does a modern, contemporary in-home arcade cabinet look like? Follow along on this page to find out!