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Just keep it together until you can get home and work it out with your stereo, much cheaper than a therapist.


My cats Moon and Star keep a pretty good micro-studio in my home office. Sometimes they'll let me use it and I come up with these mixes on the spur of the moment. 

The mix then goes to an actual studio for post-processing (a little compression to ease out the volume spikes and such) and posting to the site. 


About Mixcasts

These mixcasts are meant to serve as demonstrations of curated music by a human being. As we move ever forward into this somewhat lame Spotify / Apple Music world, in which everyone has the exact same music collection but no clue what to listen to, music curation by human beings is going to be incredibly important. Others already agree, about the only good thing I've heard about Apple Music is the curation lists by famous people. Simply put this is the new world of the Disc Jockey, no not the juiced untz, untz, untz, maestros of Berlin and Munich but the one's Tom Petty laments. These men and women would spin tracks on the radio exposing people to new music, explaining why that music was worth listening to and yes shilling some advertising. 

Well we're still inundated with advertising, but the DJ's are gone and like Freddie Mercury said when they're gone we will miss them. People do miss curated music listening, they just don't know it. So I'm joining in to bring it back. These are tracks Will Leamon thinks you should at least give a listen to, ordered in a way that makes thematic sense, but like a good Beck song, don't expect to understand it.

These are just demonstrations, my company Thrillahill Productions is producing them. I have the music knowledge, THP has the studio, now all we need is a 3rd party to help us with sales and licensing to music vendors. If you work for a company that's looking to cut deals with the likes of Amazon, Apple, Google, Spotify and whoever else comes down the pipe, then please send serious inquiries to

Legal notice - The music here can be presented legally as this is a demonstration in the name of furthering licensing and sales arrangements. Distribution of the music however is strictly verbotten, right clicking and hitting Save As would constitute a direct contravention of a bonafide attempt to prevent distribution, so that's on you listener.

Of course you can always come back and press Play anytime you like to hear it again.