What's happening now?

  • First off welcome! I'm Will, I make music for video games and you'll find all about that here at 706Gaming.org.
  • You're just a bit early to the party though, so some stuff might not work and other stuff doesn't debut for a few weeks. There's still plenty to do though. Just keep scrolling to get started.

We are developing a couple of live shows which you can learn all about below:

The Rabbit Suite is a great place to start if you're new to music for videogames and 706Gaming.org!

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Take a 20 minute break from the Saturday night video game mayhem and tune in for some way out there rockin' jams.

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Here's a bunch of other stuff you can check out here at 706Gaming.

If you're trying to track down a specific track or just want more direct access to the music here at 706Gaming.org, you'll find it here!

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Sometimes a game-jam game is just too special to really let go of. You can explore those games here.

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