Brothers in Arms
A World War II Theme

I did these on spec for a Company of Heroes (one of my top five games of all time) streamer who passed on it, although I quite like it. There's a music track that can be used for intros / bumps / videos and then a stripped down two minute looped bed for talking over.

The instruments are all Japanese except for the ever trusty TB303 beating away making sure things are kept in a somewhat western feel. The radio chatter comes from actual field recordings: one from an American tank commander requesting artillery support, the other from an RAF bomber as it fights through enemy fighters. Other things to note (I guess) - I'm half English / half American so the inspiration's a bit obvious I guess. 

If you're interested in using these for your own podcast or stream drop me a line and we'll work something out after I make sure you're not an actual Nazi. 

Brothers In Arms (Music Track) composed and produced by Will Leamon:


Brothers In Arms (VO Bed) composed and produced by Will Leamon.

Yes, WWII games are poisoned by actual Nazis, not the fake ones you see on CNN all the time.