A Theme for Dying
Score For A Short Film

The final project is tied up in post-production, but I thought I'd post the score here anyway since it's done. When the video hits YouTube, I'll post it here.

I've recently gotten obsessive about digital sound design and I'm pleased to say the "instrument" in this piece was built from the ground up in Propellerhead Reason by yours truly. It's an example of additive synthesis but I used a granular synthesizer as the source instead of a traditional subtractive sine wave. At it's heart the Spectral Carrier is three synthesizers with a total of six oscillators mixed with a special blend of effects all wrapped up into one neat instrument. 

If you're a director who digs that scary sound and would like it for your own indie project, drop me a line and I'll see about writing something for you.

A Theme for Dying composed and produced by Will Leamon: