Good Night and Good Luck!

A Sleepy-Time Project.

PART TWO (maybe Three): Distant Thunder

I sleep with a white noise generator. Well I used to sleep with a white noise generator but the sound quality was bad so I built my own. It even has a subwoofer.

Over the years I've become quite obsessive about finding the "perfect" sound to drown out the obnoxious transients of the urban night. I've settled on rain with thunder as my base sound but I'm very particular. That thunder better be way off in the distance, the rain should sound like rain but there's got to be white noise in there too. Then, most important of all, no damn birds, cars passing or loud thunder cracks - all of those things wake me up which completely defeats the purpose, get it?

So I've been working on my own night noises for a little while now and realize it's going to be something of a big project! I hope to produce a complete 8 hours of material broken down into one hour increments. The hope is that each hour will loop on itself (meaning it will play over and over without notice by the sleeper) AND to loop with all the other seven pieces in the collection. So a user can (in theory for now) select one, two three or all eight tracks and listen to them on repeat with no jarring moment at the loop point. 

I've only just completed the first track "Distant Thunder" which I'm now thinking will be second or third in the sequence. I'm using the most excellent Weather VST by LE Sound for the base rain and wind and the rest of the sounds are sourced from our partners at Splice. These are not field recordings, but original productions.

You can download these for personal use, but if our partners at Distrokid find you've uploaded them to YouTube, you're going to hear about it because we've already covered that.

Here's the file, click the three little dots to grab your own copy: 

 Distant Thunder - "Composed" and produced by Will Leamon