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Project Updates

Some of these media projects are available free to use, but I grant rights on a case by case basis. If you're interested in using any of them drop me an introductory line at editor at thrill a hill dot com (no spaces - duh)

Latest Photo Albums

These are the latest photo albums I've uploaded.
I have an album out on Spotify and just about every other music site on the planet. Visit 400.thrillahill.com or just click the image above for streaming links, videos and more!


Though this site is really the only place to be, I'm on these social networks too... 

Site Updates

There's been a dearth of updates around here lately and that's because I'm knee deep in composing £400's debut album. So things will be sporadic around here for the next year or so. Bear with me :)

I'm hunting down all the remaining 19th century covered bridges left in the 706. Here's the map I use to aid my research.

I managed to get out with my fellow proletariat on Labor Day weekend and added another waterfall to the map.

Essays, Notes and Rants

Someday these essays will be drafted into coherency and published in a book. Someday...
  • Dad's Camry Fords a Creek

    Hiking in the 706 can be a varied experience. Here's one of the more interesting situations you'll come across.

  • Come Dancing

    Someone says video games "transcend" art. This is my off-the-cuff response.
If you read this book, it will make you feel smart – especially if you like to play video games. In it you will read essays and discover:
  • Gaming and Going Outside are not in fact mutually exclusive.
  • Playing video games is actually more fun than going to work.
  • Constant failure serves as a point of revelation.
  • Some insight to the rough future ahead.