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Latest Photo Albums

These are the latest photo albums I've uploaded.
I have an album out on Spotify and just about every other music site on the planet. Visit 400.thrillahill.com or just click the image above for streaming links, videos and more!


Other Cool Stuff

Listen to music I've made for video games and other social projects.

I like to make my own synths (Combinators) in Reason and share them. Sample and download them here.

I started game jamming in August of '18 and love it. If you're putting a team together don't hesitate to hit me up!

When a game jam or project doesn't make it to completion and turns into vaporware, it's a real bummer. But then I found OpenGameArt and I post those "lost" projects there for anyone to use. All of my stuff is under the OGA3.0 license which means you can use it free for any project commercial or non-commercial. Follow me on Twitter for updates when I add new stuff to OGA. 


Though this site is really the only place to be, I'm on these social networks too... 

Quick Updates

I went hiking on August 31st for the first time in ages. Got some great pictures at the summit of Black Rock Mountain, check'em out!

Keep running to class, eat pizza to survive and drink coffee to go faster. Watch out for crazed BIrd riders, self-obsessed cell phone users and clueless head phone hipsters! All in a fun little game designed by yours truly. 

Play it in your browser on its Itch.io page.

A game I scored at the zero-hour and managed to win 3rd place overall for music.

Play it in your browser on its itch.io page

Essays, Notes and Rants

In light of a blog, I post stuff here.
  • I Made A Thing!

    On the last weekend in August, a bunch of dudes from Latvia, Croatia, Australia and the southeastern U.S. came together to make a videogame in only 48 hours.

  • Dad's Camry Fords a Creek

    Hiking in the 706 can be a varied experience. Here's one of the more interesting situations you'll come across.

If you read this book, it will make you feel smart – especially if you like to play video games. In it you will read essays and discover:
  • Gaming and Going Outside are not in fact mutually exclusive.
  • Playing video games is actually more fun than going to work.
  • Constant failure serves as a point of revelation.
  • Some insight to the rough future ahead.