OMG this site is a total and complete mess right now please bear with me.
Hi, my name is Will and I like to make music and videogames and I'm really happy when making music for videogames.
You'll find a lot of stuff rooted in that passion here and I also have a book out called "Gamer Goes Hiking"

What's happening now?

  • First and foremost this site is getting a major overhaul. Please bear with us while we sort that out.
  • We are working on the development of our next mini-game Lothario Jones.
  • Will is in rehearsals for a new live show to help promote our games.
Game Works

BEAM-TRON 5500 for Ludum Dare 46!
The playable demo for Lothario Jones is now available right here.
Shop Project
The nuts and bolts on how we keep our steering wheel in the air and the pedals on the ground. Except no nuts or bolts were used... except BOFA of course.